fonYou wins World Vendor Awards 2012 in the category “Best Newcomer”

fonYou’s XtraLine service regarded as a “innovative, useful and relevant product”

Yesterday evening at London’s Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel, fonYou was announced one of the winners of the World Vendor Awards 2012. The company was named “Best Newcomer” for its innovative XtraLine Service, which enables operators to offer their clients a second, virtual mobile phone line on their existing phones.

According to the official statement by the judges, “fonYou is exactly what [we] were looking for in the Best Newcomer category, being a young company that is starting to make its mark on the industry. This concept has real potential and helps operators to protect and grow revenues, adding new functionality to a legacy service.”

The award is an important recognition of fonYou’s effort to bring innovative, cloud- based services to the market and to enable operators to defend themselves against attacks from new, over-the-top competitors such as Google Voice, WhatsApp, Viber or Skype.

fonYou’s XtraLine service, which can be self-activated by end-customers within minutes by downloading an app from any of the major app stores, allows customers to have two mobile lines on one phone. In addition, it offers them advanced cloud- based services such as a fully configurable voicemail, call and message filter, cloud phone book, or real-time activity register that can be accessed not only from smartphone applications but also from any mobile or desktop web browser.

fonYou has launched its innovative Cloud services with three network operators so far with more to come this year. The company is currently raising additional capital to accelerate its global expansion on the back of very strong demand from operators from all over the world.

About the XtraLine solution for operators

fonYou’s XtraLine solution allows operators improve their core business and, at the same time, compete with over-the-top providers by generating a much better user experience. The direct benefits of deploying XtraLine are very compelling: significant churn reduction, increased customer satisfaction as well as increased ARPU. Other important benefits are a much stronger presence of the operator brand and a higher perceived value add by customers.

About fonYou Telecom

fonYou, a global technology company with offices in Barcelona, Singapore and Mexico City, provides carrier-grade Cloud Telephony Services for mobile operators. The company has developed a proprietary technology platform, the OMT-9000, which is connected to the mobile operators’ existing core networks and enables them to offer Cloud Telephony Services to their end customers.

These services put the end customers in total control of their mobile phone service as they allow them to configure advanced control settings for blocking, filtering or redirecting traffic; set up different voicemail greetings per contact or contact group; and access a complete history of their call records, SMS and voicemails from anywhere and in real-time.

fonYou’s Cloud Telephony Services are highly attractive both to the customers for the utility they provide as well as to the operators for increasing revenues, market share and as a customer retention tool. In addition, fonYou’s Cloud Telephony Services constitute basic building blocks which can be used by operators to quickly construct new products tailored to the needs of specific customer segments.

fonYou also operates its own mobile operator in Spain which enables the company to continuously improve its services and products and to gain valuable market insights through its own live customers.

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