Misterfone: Next generation VoIP for cheap international calls to mobile phones

fonYou, a pioneer company in virtual telephony announces the launch of Misterfone, a VoIP application designed to save money on calls to mobile and landline phones worldwide. Misterfone can be downloaded from the Spanish Google Play store for Android phones and within a few weeks it will also be available for iPhone and other iOS devices.

Misterfone is committed to offering international calls to mobiles at great rates in response to strong demand from consumers who are no longer satisfied with only having low rates for calling landline phones. Misterfone rates can be up to 50% cheaper than those offered by alternative providers such as Skype or more in the case of conventional mobile operators.

Misterfone always offers the best prices without contracts, monthly fees or minimum consumption. Also, there is no advertising or other commercial promotions in the app. Users who register with Misterfone receive free credit in order to test the service for free.

Misterfone is a service designed for all types of users: those who call for both personal or professional matters as well as companies looking to reduce their costs for international calls, while maintaining an appropriate call quality.

The application has been designed under the philosophy Mobile Only, which means that all the service functions are concentrated in the mobile device and that there is no need to use a computer to call or top up. The Misterfone app has the following features:

  • Detailed recent call list, including the length and cost for each call.
  • Access to the device’s contacts list, showing the tariff for each individual number.
  • Direct top up using credit cards or PayPal.
  • Search call rates by entering the desired destination number.
  • List of available countries, including their International calling code and the cost per destination.
  • Help section with frequently asked questions.

Misterfone’s technology uses next generation Voice over Mobile IP (VoIP) technology for calls, requiring an Internet connection on the user’s mobile device (Wifi or 3G ) .

In the words of Fernando Núñez Mendoza, CEO of fonYou:

“Misterfone combines the keys of the real advances in communication services: meeting an existing need, intuitive use, and cost and productivity improvement.”

The Misterfone application was designed and developed in fonYou’s innovation centre in the 22@ technology district in Barcelona and can be downloaded from Google Play in Spain. In a few weeks Misterfone will be launched internationally in all markets where Google Play and Apple’s App Store are present.

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