Carriers have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-vitalize their growth by monetizing billions of customer events and distributing millions of new top-ups, airtime bundles and smartphones.

To address this challenge and opportunity, fonYou partners with telcos to deploy its iCarrier platform, which includes smart salesbots that assess the customer context, profile and payment capacity to make sure the right offer is presented to the right customer at the right time.

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We recognize that every market is unique, we know that a cookie-cutter approach is unsuitable and a consulting approach is needed. We will...

Help mobile carriers to identify the right business opportunities for their local market

Execute a complete end-to-end solution covering everything from service design to implementation and market entry

Evolve your services and deploy a roadmap for your innovative services

We accompany our carrier partners through every stage of every service we provide

We operate as an innovation partner, not just as another supplier. Our goal is to build and maintain long-term relationships with our carrier partners. Our market expertise and proprietary technology is already boosting the bottom line of operators across Europe, Latin America and Africa while increasing subscriber satisfaction.

fonYou was founded in 2006, is headquartered in Barcelona and has offices across the United States, Latin America and Africa.

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Management Team

Fernando Núñez Mendoza


Fernando is a passionate technologist whose deep insights into the telecom industry have made him a frequent speaker at conferences and an important reference for fonYou’s clients.

As fonYou’s CEO and one of its founders he provides engaged leadership, execution excellence and highest ethic standards to the company. Fernando has more than 25 years of experience from the IT, space and telecom industries. Prior to fonYou he founded Mobile 4 Media, a digital media company, and worked for renowned companies and institutions such as Accenture, DiamondCluster, the European Space Agency and Motorola.

Fernando holds a degree in telecommunications engineering and a Ph.D. in computer science from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain).

José Luis Holgado


José is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record and is an investor in fonYou.

With businesses in distribution, retail and technology, including a number of optical supply companies, José is a seasoned investor who brings a wealth of business experience and technical acumen. Prior to joining fonYou, José co-founded a number of successful real estate companies in Spain and Eastern Europe to meet the growing demand for property.

José holds a degree in economics and business administration from the University of Barcelona.

Albrecht von der Recke


Albrecht, one of the founders of fonYou, brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience with mobile carriers to the company.

As an employee, he participated in the successful service launches of mobile network operators One (Austria) and Orange (Switzerland) and, as an entrepreneur, in several launches of MVNOs (mobile virtual network operator). Albrecht’s in-depth understanding of mobile carriers needs make him the ideal contact point for acquiring new business for fonYou and executing client projects. Prior to fonYou, he cofounded NextGen, a consultancy specializing in telecoms advising carriers around the world. As part of fonYou’s management team, Albrecht has grown the organization to become a global technology company with teams and offices across Europe, Latin America and Asia, serving some of the biggest carriers in the world. When at home in Barcelona he spends time with family and friends and goes Kitesurfing when the wind blows.

Albrecht holds a degree in economics and international business management from the University of Vienna, University of California Los Angeles and the Ecole Superieure du Commerce Marseille.

Pere Cals

Chief Product Officer

Pere is both creative as well as highly structured and methodic in his work approach, which is why he is in charge of both the design of new services as well as their development and implementation.

Pere joined fonYou in 2008 as employee nº 1 and brings with him 17 years of solid experience from both the media as well as the telecom industries. Prior to fonYou he cofounded Mobile 4 Media, a digital media company, and worked for renowned companies and institutions such as Accenture, United Nations and Icon MediaLab.

Pere holds a Masters degree in International Business from the Schulich School of Business (Canada), as well as a degree in Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Roberto López Negrete

Managing Director LatAm

Roberto is a seasoned telecom professional with 20 years of experience and an outstanding capacity to understand clients' needs and to steer through complex execution projects.

Roberto joined fonYou in 2012. Prior to fonYou, he founded Concept IT, a telecom infrastructure services provider, and worked for MCI as well as tower companies NewTechCom and LCC.

Roberto holds a degree in business administration and computer science from the “Tecnológico de Monterrey” University of Mexico City.

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