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fonYou brings together AI and sales automation with new digital channels to deliver the right offer at the right time for every customer

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Carriers have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-vitalize their growth by monetizing billions of customer events and distributing millions of new top-ups, airtime bundles and smartphones.

To address this challenge and opportunity, fonYou partners with telcos to deploy its iCarrier platform, which includes smart salesbots that assess the customer context, profile and payment capacity to make sure the right offer is presented to the right customer at the right time.

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Increasing carrier revenueswhile making customers happier


Accelerate the adoption of electronic top-ups within your customer base

With an AI-driven, omnichannel solution your subscribers can start using their credit or debit card to top up their accounts, resulting in increased customer ARPU and lower channel costs for every transaction.

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Financed Telecom Services

Guarantee revenue continuity when customers run out of credit

From financed airtime to deferred payments, carriers can open up a world of new financial services for subscribers that run into low balance, maximizing airtime consumption and driving higher customer satisfaction.

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Automated Marketing

Automate marketing of personalized services

Boost customer engagement by automating the marketing and delivery of personalized bundles and promotions that your customers will want, based on their profile and context.

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iCarrier Platform

An AI-powered solution delivering personalized services to customers in real-time


Event Capture

The iCarrier platform looks for relevant real-time “events” on the network

(Big Data)

Event Captured:

Browsing attempt with insufficient balance


Customer Analysis

It analyzes the event from the context of the subscriber’s purchase history

(AI and Machine Learning)

Customer Profile

  • Customer Type: Data only purchases
  • Top-up Pattern: Regular
  • Payments Record: Reliable


Offer Generation

It decides on the most suitable available service to offer and generates an offer in real-time, via their preferred channel

(Omnichannel and behavioural Marketing)

Most Suitable Offer

200MB data credit

Preferred engagement channel: Facebook Messenger


Delivery & Execution

When the subscriber accepts the offer, the service is delivered to them and the transaction is processed


  • Offer accepted
  • Service delivered
  • Transaction processed

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Our carrier partners

Good things happen
when operators engage fonYou

Monetizemore customer events

Monetize millions of customer interactions every day with a double digit conversion rate

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Boostcustomer ARPU

See your revenues grow over time and achieve an impressive net contribution to your bottom line

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Improvetop-up efficiency

See subscribers spending more and cut channel costs when using digital top-ups

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Who is fonYou?

fonYou transforms carriers into digital, analytics-driven businesses that can monetize customer events and maximize new revenue opportunities.

Using AI and micro-analytics, our proprietary iCarrier platform, combined with our telecom market expertise, empowers operators to boost their bottom line while increasing subscriber satisfaction.

The company was founded in 2006, is headquartered in Barcelona and has offices across the United States, Latin America and Africa.

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Reasons why carriers choose fonYou

We understand carriers

We are 100% focused on the mobile industry

Proven track record

Our solutions are tried-and tested and in production with many tier one operators globally

Fast to market

Forget years or months - we typically deploy within weeks of engagement

Full local support

We deploy a local team of experienced executives to ensure we maximize business results

Joint roadmap

We identify your business challenges and jointly agree on a roadmap of services

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