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iCarrier Data

Turn Your Data Into Gold

iCarrier Data enables mobile network operators to predict and respond optimally to customer needs in real time

Did you know?

Phone usage can reveal who a customer really is.

Mobile customer interactions generate data that circulates on a carrier network

Of data will be created every second for every person on earth

Is currently analyzed and used from all available data

Why choose iCarrier Data?

The all-powerful customer data engine that empowers carriers to:

Acquire a new profound customer understanding

Predict accurately what customers need

Boost commercial effectivity of marketing campaigns

What does iCarrier Data do?

Extracts live phone usage from the mobile carrier’s core network

Creates a new, unprecedented source of customer knowledge for marketing divisions based on user consumption patterns and interests

Predicts when the user is present to maximize real-time campaign performance

How does iCarrier Data work?

Mass data extraction
Extracts billions of data points in real-time, including customer usage

Data lake creation
Creates a new data lake, which includes real-time customer behavior patterns

Data filtering and ordering
Mass filtering and ordering of customer data in real time

Customer intelligence
Applies AI and deep learning techniques to generate new customer intelligence

Client Success

Rising to an unprecedented level of customer experience

This tier-1 Latin American mobile network operator deployed iCarrier Data with significant KPI gains in return.

Before integrating iCarrier Data, this carrier didn’t have a customer-focused means of visualization. This meant that it wasn’t able to optimize product sales and communication channel use, the very opportunities that a carrier can take advantage of to connect with customers.

The solution

This client integrated our iCarrier Data solution. Designed to be 100% customer-centric, it provides the carrier with a 360-degree view of its customers. It is now able to distribute hyper-personalized, highly relevant product offers and communicate with each customer via their preferred channel.

The carrier now enjoys an expansive view of its entire customer base, which updates in real time. It is this data-centric capability that forms the foundation for the carrier’s customer experience, including optimized sales and customer loyalty.

Some of the personalized data bundle offers made one on one to customers include data credit, sponsored data, and shared data, among others.

The key numbers

Data sales bundle increase of 50%

More than 20% average conversion on personalized digital offers

25% of airtime distribution digitized in less than 12 months

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