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At fonYou, you will help provide over one billion people around the world with leading technology solutions to real everyday problems.

As part of the fonYou team, you’ll bring cutting-edge mobile functionalities and products to market across the world, helping people in both emerging and developed countries.

The Mission

Become part of a team, of a movement, of a mission that is building the telecom operator of the future together, by developing and implementing the newest technologies that are moving the industry forward.

The People

Work and collaborate with a multicultural, ultra-talented team in your office and across the company’s global hubs.

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Rise to a new challenge every day with a broad diversity of deeply engaging projects.

You will never be bored at fonYou.

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Discover a best-in-class career at fonYou, where boundless opportunities for promotion and specialization await.

If you are eager to develop a brilliant career in mobile technology, this is your professional home.

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Vibrant culture

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fonYou headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain, and the company has offices across the United States, Latin America and Africa.

Join fonYou and create the mobile phone technologies of the future