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iCarrier Credit

The next-generation platform for financed airtime

iCarrier Credit enables customers to always enjoy uninterrupted service with digital loan solutions in the moment

Did you know?

of the prepaid customer base has low credit balance at all times

of low-balance customers need to make calls or connect to the internet daily

of lost carrier revenue as a result of customers with no credit

of churned customers have zero credit balance


Carriers have an opportunity to increase user value by distributing
financed airtime across their customer base

Why choose iCarrier Credit?

Distributed number of airtime loans compared to traditional mobile airtime credit platforms

ARPU increase and minimization of lost revenue instances

Permanent user connectivity access by providing hyper-personalized credit offers directly via the customer's preferred digital channel

What does iCarrier Credit do?

Distributes financed airtime at mass scale for the unbanked

Provisions airtime in real time to customers who want to use the internet, make calls, or access any carrier product without prepaid credit

Empowers carriers to offer credit products based on the user’s need, payment capacity and preferred channel

Creates a customer scoring identity that can be used for other commercial applications

How does iCarrier Credit work?


Understand what customers need: voice, data, social networks

Multilevel scoring

Scores each customer using AI according to their payment capacity

Multichannel distribution

Integrates push and pull multichannel distribution. This enables communication with customers via their preferred channel(s), including Facebook Messenger, RCS, Mobisite, iSMS and many more

100% risk control

Automatically adjusts optimal bad credit to maximize revenue generation

Client Success

Automating distribution of millions of financed bundles every month

This client is a carrier in Latin America with a 67% prepaid base. It takes advantage of iCarrier Credit to automate distribution of financed airtime and increase customer value.

Before integrating iCarrier Credit, this operator’s customers experienced interrupted service every time that their balance ran out, requiring them to go to a convenience store in person and carry out a cash top-up. As a result, they were unable to use any mobile services that required credit until they were able to purchase new airtime, generating a bottleneck for continuity of carrier services. The carrier also had no control over the customer experience, as it was reliant on third-party convenience stores for the top-up process.

The solution

fonYou launched iCarrier Credit for this client, which immediately set about distributing hyper-personalized voice and data bundles through new digital channels in real-time using multilevel scoring and machine learning technologies.

This client is now able to understand each customer and propose a relevant offer when needed the most.

iCarrier Credit enables the carrier to deploy automated, hyper-contextualized financed voice and data bundles. It does this through each customer’s preferred communication channel: such as microsite, SMS, SAT, Voice.

The carrier has been able to minimize previous instances of lost revenue that occurred when customers’ balance ran out. It is the ideal digital credit product for each customer when they need it.

The key numbers

5% ARPU increase

85% of users qualified for a loan with negligible bad debt

25% conversion rate