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iCarrier Pay

Drive mass adoption of digital payments

iCarrier Pay is a turnkey payments solution designed exclusively to accelerate digital purchase of carrier products

Why choose iCarrier Pay?

Increase in the adoption of digital purchases of airtime and bundles

ARPU increase of onboarded users

Average reduction in airtime distribution costs

What does iCarrier Pay do?

Digitizes purchase of mobile airtime, from offer presentation to digital payment processing

Facilitates efficient, timely digital payments at mass scale, including credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and PayPal

Enables multi-channel payments, including through mobisite, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, SMS, USSD, voice, and more

How does iCarrier Pay work?

Applying AI, it predicts the best payment method for the user (Debit and credit card, wallets, PayPal)

Leverages high-grade anti-fraud technology to protect customers and provide carriers with full PCI compliance

Uses neuroscience for payment presentation to drive an effortless purchase experience

Uses a payment lifecycle to optimize transaction success

Client Success

Tripling digital top-up adoption in under six months

This fonYou client is one of the largest mobile carriers in the world. It was relying on third-party store top-ups, carried out by customers in-person.

It was previously absorbing high top-up distribution costs, including 10% in third party commission fees, and suffering from low customer engagement.

The solution

It integrated fonYou’s iCarrier Pay in 2018 to digitize its top-up and bundle sales.

This client now deploys a multiple digital payment choice, including debit and credit card, electronic wallet and direct debit transactions.

It leverages AI to understand where best to communicate with customers, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

iCarrier Pay helped this client to digitize its entire back and front-end payments process, increasing their customer value and driving down top-up distribution costs with electronic payments.

The key numbers

300% acceleration in digital top-up adoption

20%-25% ARPU increase of onboarded users

40% transaction savings

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