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iCarrier Voice

Unleash all-new voice revenue streams

iCarrier Voice is a full-service voice orchestration platform that enables mass automation of voice channel sales using AI and predictive analytics

Did you know?

Mobile customers use voice as a primary communication channel

Millions of calls fail to be completed every single day

Calls per month for each user cannot be completed because of lack of credit or availability

Why choose iCarrier Voice?

The all-powerful customer data engine that empowers carriers to:

Leverage voice as a primary commercial channel

Monetize millions of failed call completion attempts

Create millions of product upselling and cross-selling entry points

What does iCarrier Voice do?

Drives mass automation of voice channel sales using AI and deep predictive analytics

Intercepts failed call attempts to deliver in-line personalized offers via voice channels. These include financed calls, voice top-ups, sponsored calls, voice-to-text, call collect, and more

Provides a seamless subscriber experience by connecting the call and efficiently monetizes millions of voice calls

How does iCarrier Voice work?

Call interception
Implements real-time event detection technology to intercept voice events

Voice recognition and AI
Leverages voice recognition and AI to offer the right product in-line

On-the-spot activation
Instantly activates the service chosen by the customer in-line

Client Success

Monetizing millions of calls per month

This North American mobile carrier uses iCarrier Voice to maximize its voice-related business lines.

Before integrating iCarrier Voice, the client reported that millions of calls failed to be completed every day on their core network. The result was that these calls weren't monetized and the customer experience wasn't optimized.

The company has drastically reduced instances of failed calls.

Through iCarrier Voice, it offers its customers a personalized real-time solution from a range of options, including financed voice bundle, call collect, sponsored calls, or voice-to-text.

iCarrier Voice’s use of AI and machine learning technologies are specifically designed for mobile carriers. It intercepts failed calls, leverages deep customer analytics, and produces a hyper-personalized offer in the moment, in line with the user’s profile.

The key numbers

Personalized offers made on calls for 80% of the prepaid user base per month

Over 30% of the user base convert with at least one successful transaction per month

50% of airtime credit and digital top-ups distributed through the voice channel

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