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ONLINE Presentation

Turning Customer Data into Carrier Gold

fonYou recently held presentations at two international industry events, GSMA Thrive North and Futurecom 2020, which both took place at the end of October.

At these events, held exclusively online this year, fonYou  CEO Fernando Nuñez Mendoza discussed the key technology that will be the catalyst for the creation of the mobile carrier of the future: Deep Mobile Analytics (DMA).

A recording of the presentation at GSMA North America is available online to view in its entirety:
Harnessing data on carrier networks: the new goldrush

In this presentation, Fernando demonstrates how mobile networks operators can now harness the full and untapped potential of core network customer data.

The New, Data-driven, Goldrush for Carriers: Watch the GSMA Presentation Now

The commercial payoff of applying deep mobile analytics technology to carrier core network data can be enormous. In the presentation, Fernando discusses:

Gold in the core network: how exactly do carriers have “gold” in their networks and how can they extract it?

All-new kinds of high-value service and product provision

The mobile carrier of the future: a truly digital, automated organization

The master data flow: from core network events to transactions

Customer maps and actionable behavior patterns: the key role of machine learning and data science

Core network data as the catalyst for the carrier of tomorrow

To access the presentation, click below.

If you are not yet registered with GSMA, you can do so with your email in a matter of seconds (click the “Not Registered Yet?” button to register) and then you will have free access to the fonYou DMA technology presentation.

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