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Press Release

fonYou highlights untapped operator data goldmine

The potential to dramatically increase consumer spending 125% increase in spending among one user group

July 8, 2020, Barcelona, Spain:   

Data analytics specialists, fonYou Telecom, believes mobile operators are sitting on a goldmine of untapped user data that could instead drive increased revenues through highly targeted digital customer management initiatives.

In its “The New Goldrush” white paper, fonYou examines how improved harnessing of existing data on carrier networks can radically accelerate operator product offerings, service distribution, and financial performance.

Revealing the results of a case study project with one emerging market operator, fonYou was able to demonstrate a 22 per cent increase in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) for its online customers, and a massive 125 per cent increase in ARPU for a group of ‘Zombie’ pre-pay customers who previously went two-three days per month with zero-credit between their top-ups at physical stores. After switching to an easy-to-use digital channel, these Zombie customers quickly became high-value users with a regular top-up pattern.

“Through our detailed data analysis of customer behavior, using AI and public cloud data, we were able to target and migrate customers to our iCarrier platform and introduce them to digital payments. This platform enables operators to truly understand user behavior and predict real-time needs based on phone usage,” explained fonYou CEO Fernando Nunez Mendoza.

“What’s more,” he added, “after introducing iCarrier, we were able to significantly reduce the number of Zombie customers, increase the number of customers topping up their services on a regular basis, and deliver a major boost to ARPU and overall operator profitability.”  

The fonYou white paper also highlights that although there has been an explosion in available global data, less than 0.5% of the data available is currently being analysed and used effectively. And with Ernst & Young predicting that mobile data volumes will increase by a further tenfold in the next five years, fonYou argues that communications service providers, such as mobile operators, will have access to an unparalleled goldmine of customer data that could be analysed to benefit their business operations.

To illustrate the scale of data already available, the company revealed that in its case study operator project, it analysed more than two billion customer data events every day. Based on this analysis, fonYou was able to digitise the process of selling and distributing operator airtime and offer hyper-personalised products and services to targeted consumers. Making the right offer, at the right time, for each customer not only delivered an increase in ARPU it clearly generated new revenues for the carrier.

“Carrier networks are designed to transport data efficiently and safely,” said Mendoza. “But they are not engineered to extract and harness data at the industrial scale that is required for effective machine learning applications. That has to change.

“Everything runs through carrier networks – they are filled with data from social networks, messaging services, e-commerce sites and payment apps. This data represents a huge opportunity to build and deliver solutions that customers want to buy. However, the time to act is now,” he warned. “With new competitors emerging, operators do not want to risk being left behind in data’s New Goldrush.”

You can download the full “New Goldrush” white paper here


About fonYou Telecom

fonYou transforms carriers into digital, analytics-driven businesses by monetizing billions of customer events and distributing millions of new top-ups, airtime bundles and mobile devices.

To do this, fonYou partners with telcos and deploys its iCarrier platform, a carrier-grade solution that combines AI, sales automation and digital channels to make sure that the right service is activated for the right customer at the right time.

fonYou was founded in 2006, is headquartered in Barcelona and has offices across the United States, Latin America and Africa.


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